Language Arts grade 3--Creation Unit

In January, I used the Old Testament creation story for a language arts unit. D made his own Main Lesson Book out of watercolor paper.

On the cover he wrote in Hebrew "In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.  (This is the most fun he's had with form drawing ever!)
For each part, we would read the account of a "day" in the book of Genesis, then D would paint. The next day, he would summarize the events and write his summary.

Day 2;  God made the firmament....
Day 1:  God divided Dark from Light.

Day 4:  God created sun, moon, and stars.
Day 3:  God separated land from water.
He made plants.

Day 6:  God created land creatures
(note spider in web) and man.

Day 5:  God created birds and sea creatures.

For this part of the unit, we were working on capitals at the beginning of sentences and periods at the end.

After finishing the book, we talked about Adam and Eve naming the animals, and brainstormed animal names (nouns) and the things they did (verbs).

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  1. the spider in the web is not visible UNLESS you click on the picture (to see the bigger version). ;)